European Doberman Male Rehoming

Doberman Male To Good Home Only !!!!! 

We have a 2 year old Doberman Male we need to rehome for his owners, this dog has unfortunately been left on his own too much, not socialized with Enviroment or People and has become very fearful of most things he does not know.

He needs a owner who understands Dobermans to teach him the world and people are ok, we will not give this dog to a person who does Not understand Dobermans, he's showing strong Dog aggression, that will Need to be adressed, also fear aggression towards the unknown. He is not What I call overly aggressive, just fearful so acting on instincts.


At home he guards the house very loving to his Owners and people he knows, he guards the car, he's just very nervy in New places and with new people general public etc.


He will suit a Single or Couple, who are looking for a loving Doberman to become part of their world who understands what he needs. 

He WILL NOT suit as a guard dog or Security Dog, he is a family Pet / Guardian only. 

He WILL NOT suit a family with kids, ONLY because he has not been brought up with children and Nervy dogs and kids don't mix, its not because he has shown unwanted aggression towards kids, we just don't want him going into that situation.


He is fully Vaccinated, Wormed , Micro Chipped and registered with Canine Council of Australia DOGS NSW.


Price $600.00 ONO to the right home ONLY.

For Further Info contact Andy



Kaos at the beach Jan 2019
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